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Ideas, innovations and increased job performance are the hard-won results of planned and well-executed talent development. In today’s knowledge economy, organizations must develop talent in the most economical and productive ways. That’s where we come in.

The Business Education and Training Analysis customized corporate training services is targeted to meet the specific needs of each client organization. We design, develop and deliver affordable, leading-edge education and training services/programs to local, national, and global employers. This provides employees with the new skills, knowledge and abilities they need to help your business become more productive, innovative, and profitable.

Any program can be tailored to address the unique concerns of your organization, or we can develop solutions specifically for your company. The expertise of our trainers, faculty, staff, and Global Corporate College, together partnering with leading training vendors, provides us with a wealth of resources from which to create customized training solutions to reduce performance gaps at multiple levels within corporations. Custom solutions may include:

  • Needs assessment and evaluation

  • Performance consulting Training design and development

  • Workshops and seminars

  • Single event or comprehensive training programs

  • Credit or non-credit instruction

  • Classroom, on-the-job or online learning

  • Training facilities and equipment

  • Program management

  • Registration and course documentation

The Business Education and Training Analysis‘s Partnership with Global Corporate College means that we have access to the largest body of intellectual property and curriculum for worker training across all industry sectors. This foundational curriculum allows us to build training solutions for you with the best value possible.

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